39 degrees in Mauritius

An escape in paradise

Monday, landing in beautiful Mauritius, coming from Dubai via Brussels , I am shivering , in pain , massive headache ,” the Flu” apparently hammering me. (stupidest time to pick on me dare I say)

I told myself “I cannot miss out on the Trinity One TV documentary” of this paradise Island by staying in bed the 4 days I’m here…… because of the Flu!!! I mean what would the world think of me????

The location was amazing, a little town called Flic en Flac ,  a few Kilometers away from Ports Louis the capital. Picturesque town with one of the best beaches on the entire island.

So, the adventure started…..Day One, two, 3rd day , am still in Bed, (i know right, I was also thinking oh gosh, I hope all my affairs are in order back home coz I might not make it)…. that dammed Flu wouldn’t go away and the fever was rocking me at 39 degrees !!!! (true beach temperatures only in my body and that wasn’t the right place)

Thursday!!! Last day of my stay, fever still around 39 degrees , I decided to jump out of bed , forget about the flu and go knock at the door of the lady care taker  called Sheravi. If I was going down, heck I was going down swinging

Knock knock knock ……  yes who is this ?……. Q. I am Alexis , resident of apartment 3B, Would you please advise me of a Taxi driver to drive me around and show me  Mauritius today ? ………A.  I am afraid it is too short notice Mr Alexis , all Taxi Drivers for CITY Tours are already gone ! (this could really end badly, 4days in Mauritius and no footage whatsoever for Trinity One TV? I needed divine intervention)

……… But , if you want I can drive you around  said the lady. (enter divine intervention, said a little prayer of thanks and humbly accepted)


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing , for a second , I thought that the fever had gone higher  than 39 degrees and I was hallucinating .

Sheravi took me in her car and drove me around the best places to see in Mauritius.

Wow!!!! This place is amazing, it really is a paradise Island, sun shining, Blue sea , nice white sand , palm trees …What a lifestyle !

On a huge billboard on the street I could read “ Welcome to Mauritius” and I replied “ Bye Bye to the wretched Flu”

I got some great shots for my documentary …… Check them out