Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge

Enough with this Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge nonsense , we all know that we (women) have to suffer to be beautiful but we are not obliged to get under the scalpel , to get botox injections or to do stupid and dangerous challenges to look like one of our favorite celebrities. 



In 5 easy steps I will teach you how to get natural and juicy Kylie Jenner lips using makeup only.

  1. Apply a bit of highlight on the lip contour to show how far you can overdraw the lip.
  2. Apply your lip pencil .Visualise if you want to overdraw the top or bottom lip or both.

Please pretty please make it look even .With the lip pencil draw on that little edge you just highlighted before.

  1. Make sure your lip pencil isn’t just a line all the way around your lip contour , but blend it already a bit inward . This way , in case your lipstick fades a bit , you don’t end up with a weird line around your lips ( trashy look ) .
  2. When all the above is correctly done , you can apply your desired lipstick .
  3. Take a look in the mirror , you are done ! 

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