About us

Trinity One TV is a global online TV channel which brings content on what’s happening around the world in the world of Entertainment - Lifestyle - Beauty and Fashion - Africa on the Rise.

Inspired by the desire to share experiences across the world, Trinity One TV was born. Created by two brothers Alexis and Eric Indenge, their passion and zest for life is the lifeline behind this TV channel.

Our mission is fuelled by that passion and we endeavor to bring TV and entertainment to people’s doorsteps by doing things a little differently.

Trinity One TV is a platform to showcase uprising talent and game changers. It strives to profile the go-getters and movers and shakers who are making a difference in their respective countries and communities. We pride ourselves in how we are poised to become the springboard for all upcoming talent in whatever field / industry.

Be it, travel, food, fashion, Africa on the Rise, entertainment, if there is potential that can be identified Trinity One TV will bring it to light and give it a stage.

Driven by the ethos of allowing every person on earth to live life to the fullest no matter their circumstances, Trinity One TV endeavours to bring the world to everyone……after all; Trinity One TV is a channel for the people, by the people.

Trinity One TV……This is YOUR TV!!!