London Catwalk Society Fashion Show

London Catwalk Society Hosted Kensington Roof Gardens Fashion Show January 2015


The fashion show featured great designers   INNU London  Karen Karmody  Valour & ValkyrieGomez-Gracia and Amazing models STORM STEWART , ANGELINA CALI , DJENNY


The show was packed, totally sold out! Clearly Trinity One TV has a knack for attending all the show stopper events J


People and celebs around !!!

Guess who?  Tim Carter from KASABIAN , Liz Mc Clarlon from Atomic kitten  was sitting on the front row, Natasha Colyer (Seen in the City) was there as well .

The Fashion show started with the handing over of the “Miss United Kingdom” crown to Carina Tyrell.

The first designer to take the stage was Karen Karmody showing us her unique and glamourous collection !!


Interview with MISS UK 2014

TrinityOne TV Host Host DJ Cinderella interviewed Miss UK (Carina Tyrell)

What an amazing interview, very insightful



The final designer to take the stage was Kim Melville for Innu London with her beautiful collection A summertime fairytale,

The Fashion show closed with an amazing dance performance from ballet dancer and  Kim's sister Samantha Melville-Smith..

What an amazing evening !

We are defenitely looking forward to the next one


# Alexis Indenge