Meeting Djimon

I was travelling back from L.A. after an amazing week for House of Ikons Fashion Show in Beverly Hills. Still excited about the celebrities I had met and spoken to, I didn’t think the stars had anything else in store for me. Boy was I wrong !
What a surprise when I entered the British Airways first class Lounge to see Djimon Hounsou.


A little birdie once told me he was a French speaker so I thought to myself that this could be the perfect way to break the ice ! “Bonjour Djimon ( Greetings in French ) ! “ Gosh, hope my French didn’t sound so bad but he answered back so that meant he understood me! LOL

We exchanged pleasantries and I sat at my table to get started with my lunch.
Djimon later invited me to join him and sit at his table, (make way for Alexis, I dine with the A list celebrities )…we then proceeded to have a very inspiring chat for almost 45 minutes..


I learned a lot about the great man behind the actor/ celebrity that the world knows as Djimon.
Folks, this is L.A., a lot of celebrities, great restaurants, a lot of interesting people but this was by far the best encounter I ‘ve had during my stay in L.A.


I guess you wanna know what we’ve talked about during those inspiring 45 minutes with Djimon Hounsou ?
Sorry guys, but if I tell you I will have to kill you!LOL


Thanks Djimon, you are great! Thanks Man.


# Alexis Indenge