Red Carpet in Beverly Hills - House of Ikons Los Angeles Fashion show

Trinity One TV host Chenai takes you on a stylish trip in the fashion world of Beverly Hills.

The House of Ikons has partnered with For The Stars Fashion House of Beverly Hills to present a wonderful fashion show featuring some upcoming designers and  amazing models

The red carpet was very crowded (but we solidly had our golden spot) and the show was sold out!!!

See what you’ve missed!



OMG!!!! Were our eyes deceiving us, was that really Wesley Snipes, Sam Arpong , Naima Mora , xxxx  on the red carpet? The same red carpet we had a golden spot on??? Better believe it folks, Trinity One TV was mingling with the stars…..cause that’s how we roll J
Looking at stunners like Kaylan Aussier  ( hyperlink on the name ) I am sure we have found the new generation of Supermodels.
Great Designers, Super Models, Big Celebs! No doubt, this was THE Fashion Show to be at guys !!!
Savita Kaye's initiative gave a platform to new designers to showcase their talents to the world and she’s doing her bit by giving an exceptional platform for up and coming models to shine as well. 

That’s all for now Folks!!!!

See you In 2016 said House of Ikons CEO Savita Kaye


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